Student Move Out

General Information

A crew helping load a food bank truckEach year when students move out, the amount of waste created at Providence College soars. Students leave behind unwanted clothes, books, food, furniture and miscellaneous items. In an effort to reclaim these items and redistribute them to those who can use them, the Recycling Program works to reduce this unnecessary waste.
We focus on collecting usable clothing and non perishable food. Now every year boxes are set up in the lobbies of each residence hall for students to leave all these items to be collected throughout the remaining week.
Clothing and Shoes are donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Food goes to the Rhode Island Food Bank.


Throughout the years doing this program PC has collected…
2003 Results                  2004 ResultsClothes: 1,495 lbs.                  Clothes: 800 lbs.Food: 2,426 lbs.                       Food: 500 lbs.
2005 Results                   2006 ResultsClothes: 1,500 lbs.                  Clothes: 2,275 lbs.Food: 2,409 lbs.                       Food: 2,400 lbs.
2007 Results                   2008 Results Clothes: 2,500 lbs.                  Clothes: 2,800 lbs.Food: 2,500 lbs.                       Food: 2,600 lbs.    2009 Results                   2010 Results Clothes: 2,400 lbs.                  Clothes: 3,400 lbs.Food: 3,100 lbs.                       Food: 2,850 lbs.
2011 Results:                  2012 Results:Clothes: 3,400 lbs.                  Clothes: 4,125 lbs.Food: 2,850 lbs.                       Food: 2,760 lbs.
2013 Results                           Clothes: 3,200 lbs.